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Bits (Horse Bits) by Mouthpiece
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Bits (Horse Bits) by Style
Select the custom handmade western silver show horse bit by the following Cheek Styles:
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Select the custom handmade western silver show horse bit by the following Themes (Design on the Cheeks):
Bits (Horse Bits) Working no Silver
The first horse bit is without silver, steel hand engraved with a black finish; the next three horse bits are with German Silver; and the last six are custom handmade working horse bits.
Bits - Accessories
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Buckle - Belt Buckle

These buckles are hand made either of stainless steel without silver or Steel with silver inlay with a black or blued finish ("openwork " or solid). The hand engraving makes a beautiful contrast with the background.

The standard buckle size is 2 7/8" tall by 4"wide for 2" belt but can be made smaller if requested for the same price. You can also request a different belt size.

Options are:

  • Steel with silver inlay with black or blued finish - open work or solid
  • Stainless steel
  • Custom buckles with initials or brand
  • Trophy buckles
Buckle Sets
Buckle Sets w/ Conchos
Buckle Tips
Cotton & Nylon Ropes
Hair Accessories
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JT Silversmiths offers the following products made of horsehair: Mecates, Get Down Ropes, Roping and Split Reins, Hat Bands, Stampede Strings, Bolo Ties, Key Chains, Bracelets and Tassels.

The mecates are made of mane horsehair and are listed in a separate category. Please see "Horsehair - Mecates (Mane)" for instructions how to order mecates; and "Horsehair - Patterns" to make your selection. The category "Horsehair patterns by color" simply groups the patterns by the predominant color to simplify your search.

For more information or if you interested in a price quote please contact us.

Horsehair - Mecates (Mane)
Horsehair - Patterns
Horsehair Patterns by Color

Horsehair Patterns by Color

To make your search easier, this section groups by color the patterns available for the mane horsehair mecates, split reins, roping reins, and get down ropes. These patterns are the same as the ones listed in the "Horsehair - Patterns" category.

We have grouped them by the following subcategories (see to the left): Black, Gray, Dark Brown, Brown, Tan, White.

Because we have so many different patterns (color combinations), we have only selected the ones with at least 3 strands (or if it has a solid block of that color) of the color under that sub-category.

Please feel free to call us at 209 492-0114, or toll free at 1 877 JTSILVER (587-4583) if you have any questions.

Jewelry & Accessories
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Rawhide & Leather
Saddle Trim
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