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Custom Hand Made Silver Spurs

Our beautiful and skillfully crafted silver spurs are custom hand made, hand engraved. You can order as pictured -- we have a wide selection so that you can find a pair suitable for you; or you can customize per the options that are available in the drop menus. Because we specialize in custom manufacturing, we can create or customize the item to your specifications. Just send us your sketch with all the details of how you want it made -- we'll gladly give you a price quote and delivery time. You can request pretty much any change you feel necessary to make them suitable for you or that special love one you want to surprise. Also, keep in mind that apart from the options in the drop menu, you can order in combinations -- for example: Heel band of SP-2838 with Shank of SP-2800. Or even request double-mounted spurs (embellished on both sides of the heel band) for approximately $183 more.

We get many calls from people asking for a particular set of spurs. Since we have one hundred eighteen different spurs to choose from, we have grouped them in the following different ways to facilitate your search--by description, by heel band width (very narrow; narrow: under 1", medium: from 1" to under 1 1/2"; wide: from 1 1/2" to 2"), by rowel size (small: under 1 1/8"; medium: from1 1/4" to under 2"; large: 2"+), by special rowels, by length of shank (short: under 1 1/4"; medium: from 1 1/2" to under 2 1/4"; Long: from 2 1/4" to 3"), by style of shank (curve down, goose neck, up-turning, other up-turning, straight (or almost) shanks, and by curve in the shank (quarter, half, full).

Search by any of the options mentioned above to find the ones you are looking for. Either call, email us or use the "remarks" section to let us know of any changes or specific measurements you need if not on the drop menus.

The spurs are available in Stainless Steel overlaid with Sterling Silver (also referred to as White or Sterling over Stainless), Sterling Overlay like SP-2799, SP-2812; or BLUED, BLACK, BROWN or PATINA iron inlaid with Fine Silver (Sterling inlaid or Blued ...Steel). The iron will oxidize eventually creating an attractive contrast to the silver. Moisture and humidity will expedite the oxidation. So keep dry to retard the oxidation.

All styles are available in men's and ladies sizes. The standard heel band opening for men is 3" and 2 3/4" for the ladies -- if you need a different size, please request it.

Selection -- As noted above, there is a wide selection and countless options/changes that can be made. Most without additional cost. However, double-mounted spurs are extra. The Spurs are available in White (Sterling over Stainless); BLUED, BLACK, BROWN or PATINA (Sterling inlayed) for the same price.

Again, spurs are available with different rowel size -- choose from 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 1 3/4", 2", 2 1/4", and 2 1/2". Rowel styles also vary -- Go to Accessories, Spurs submenu and click on Rowel size/style to see what's available. Jingle bobs can be added or omitted without additional cost.

If you don't see the spurs or options you are looking for, please call us at 1 877 JTSilver or e-mail us at sales@JTSilversmiths.com.


Description Product Number
Acorn & Holly SP-2780, SP-2848
Conchos SP-2515, SP-2521, SP-2767 thru SP-2771, SP-2778, SP-2782,
SP-2799, SP-2801, SP-2802, SP-2806, SP-2811, SP-2818, SP-2820, SP-2822,
SP-2823, SP-2842, SP-2843, SP-2847
Backboned (de Espinazo) SP-2795
Bars (vertical) SP-2781, SP-2782
Beads (small conchos) SP-2515, SP-2756, SP-2771, SP-2778, SP-2806, SP-2809, SP-2821,SP- 2827,
SP-2829, SP-2831, SP-2845, SP-2847, SP-2852
Big Concho SP-2508, SP-2512, SP-2753, SP-2754, SP-2755, SP-2758
Buttons on a Hinge SP-2519, SP-2520, SP-2523, SP-2840, SP-2844, SP-2848, SP-2852, SP-2854, SP-2856
Card Suit Motif SP-2817
Circle (s) SP-2825, SP2828
Chevron Stripes SP-2772, SP-2795
Continuous Reverse S SP-2814
Cock Spurs SP-2759
Crab (de cangrejo) SP-2515, SP2771
Daisy SP-2522, SP-2833, SP-2834
Diamond Shape SP-2509, SP- 2751, SP-2776, SP-2795, SP-2821, SP-2831, SP-2837,
Donuts SP-2838
Double Rowel SP-2510, SP-2751
English Style Spur w/Buttons SP-2824
Filigree SP-2513
Flower SP-2807, SP-2808
Gal- Leg (pierna de mujer) SP-2797
Half Moon/Crescent SP-2754, SP-2799
Heart SP-2516, SP-2779, SP-2809, SP-2830, SP-2836
Ideal for personalizing SP-2501 thru 2507, SP-2510, SP-2514, SP- 2517 thru 2520, SP- 2524, SP-2774,
SP-2775, SP-2798, SP-2800, SP-2803, SP-2805,SP-2812, SP-2840,
SP-2849 thru SP- 2853
Leaf Scroll SP-2753, SP-2755 thru SP-2758, SP-2760 thru 2766, SP-2771, SP-2777,
SP-2839, SP-2844, SP-2856
Long Oval SP-2798, SP-2803, SP-2805
Horseshoe SP-2756, SP-2769, SP-2815
Mexican Spurs SP-2759
Oval (s) SP-2816, SP-2846, SP-2855
Scroll SP-2840, SP-2852
Sectional SP-2804, SP-2813
Shield SP-2815, SP-2818, SP-2826
Snake SP-2511, SP-2752
Star SP-2756, SP-2827, SP-2829, SP-2830, SP-2835, SP-2840, SP-2841,
SP-2852, SP-2854
Steer Head SP-2523, SP-2832, SP-2854
Sterling Overlay SP-2799, SP-2812
Sterling Over Stainless SP-2501 thru 2524
String Instrument SP-2769
Stripes SP-2772, SP-2773, SP-2795, SP-2810, SP-2819, SP-2821, SP-2831, SP-2845
Swelled Band (Calif. Style) SP-2513, SP-2514, SP-2770, SP-2775, SP-2803, SP-2805, SP-2807, SP-2808,
SP-2810, SP-2825, SP-2829
Very Narrow SP-2824
Weave pattern (de petate) SP-2796