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JT Silversmiths offers the following products made of horsehair: Mecates, Get Down Ropes, Roping and Split Reins, Hat Bands, Stampede Strings, Bolo Ties, Key Chains, Bracelets and Tassels.

The mecates are made of mane horsehair and are listed in a separate category. Please see "Horsehair - Mecates (Mane)" for instructions how to order mecates; and "Horsehair - Patterns" to make your selection. The category "Horsehair patterns by color" simply groups the patterns by the predominant color to simplify your search.

For more information or if you interested in a price quote please contact us.

Get Down Ropes (Mane Horsehair)


The get down rope is used for mounting, dismounting and leading your bridle horse. Not only for convenience but for safety.

We sell traditional get down ropes made of mane horsehair. They are custom hand twisted. They are made in 14 feet length; 1/4" and 3/8" diameters. The six strands have a core, mainly tail but some mane hair too. The four strands do not have a core.

We have 3 styles of patterns: Barber pole (stripped), flex (with checks usually white), and 3 or 4 blocks of colors

Please contact us if you want something different-special or if it's not available in this drop menu.

Hat Bands


These western cowboy hand made horsehair hat bands are available in 3, 4, 5, or 6 strands. They have a hitch knot so you can adjust the size to fit your hat. The color combinations available are white, brown and black.
Mecates (Mane Horsehair)


All the mecates are MANE horsehair and are available in different PATTERNS (solid color, 3 or 4 blocks of colors, barber pole (striped), or flex (with checks); different STYLES (4, 6 or 8 strands); different DIAMETERS (1/4”, 3/8”, ½”, 9/16”, 5/8”, ¾”); and different LENGTHS (22 feet, 24 feet).

Click on “Horsehair Patterns” main category tab (to the left) to see the patterns which are grouped in the following sub categories:

  • 3 or 4 blocks of colors (Deluxe)
  • 4 strands (w/o a core)
  • 8 strands
  • Barber Pole (striped)
  • Solid Color (all one color)
  • with 8-10" Tassel
  • with Flex (checks)

    All the patterns under "Horsehair - Patterns" are available for the mecates, get down ropes, split & roping reins.

    All the mecates are 6 strands unless indicated they are 4 or 8 strands. Four strands do not have a core.

    The Special mecates have at least 2 strands of white, tan, or gray.

    If you don't see the pattern you want or have any questions, please contact us toll free 1 877 587-4583 or direct at (209) 492-0114. If calling from Canada & want us to call you back, please let us know and we'll gladly do so.
Mecates - Mane Horsehair Colors

Horsehair Patterns by Color

To make your search easier, this section groups by color the patterns available for the mane horsehair mecates, split reins, roping reins, and get down ropes. These patterns are the same as the ones listed in the "Horsehair - Patterns" category.

We have grouped them by the following subcategories (see to the left): Black, Gray, Dark Brown, Brown, Tan, White.

Because we have so many different patterns (color combinations), we have only selected the ones with at least 3 strands (or if it has a solid block of that color) of the color under that sub-category.

Please feel free to call us at 209 492-0114, or toll free at 1 877 JTSILVER (587-4583) if you have any questions.

Mecates - Mane Horsehair Patterns
To find the mane horsehair mecate pattern you are looking for, go to Horsehair Patterns by Color
Roping Reins (Mane Horsehair)


All roping reins are made of mane horsehair and have a horsehair core. It is one piece - 8 feet long and they are available in 3/8", 1/2" or 5/8" diameter. We have listed here a few patterns but we can custom make them to almost any pattern under main category tab: "Horsehair - Patterns" (to the left). Call us at 1 877 587-4583 or 209 492-0114 if you want something different.

Options are:

  • with snaps
  • with rawhide rein connectors
  • with slobber straps
Shufly / Tassels
Split Reins (Mane Horsehair)