Specializing in Custom Manufacturing of Hand Made, Hand Engraved Western Sterling Silver Show Bits, Spurs, and Snaffles

JT Silver


JT Silversmiths offers the following products made of horsehair: Mecates, Hat Bands, Stampede Strings, Bolo Ties, Key Chains, Bracelets and Tassels.

The mecates are made of mane horsehair and are listed in a separate category. Please see "Horsehair - Mecates (Mane)" for instructions how to order mecates; and "Horsehair - Patterns" to make your selection. The category "Horsehair patterns by color" simply groups the patterns by the predominant color to simplify your search.

For more information or if you interested in a price quote please contact us.

Get Down Ropes (Mane Horsehair)
Hat Bands
Roping Reins (Mane Horsehair)
Shufly / Tassels
Split Reins (Mane Horsehair)