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All mouthpieces (MP) are hand forged iron "sweetened" with copper inlay. The standard width size is 5",
Arabian size is 4 3/4". We have 56 mouthpieces to choose from and have grouped them by height. These are approximate: Lower is 1"& under, Low 1"- 1 1/4", Medium 1 1/2", High 2", Higher 2 1/2", Extra High 3"- 4". Low includes the various snaffles & the Lower MP. High includes the spade bits.

Any of these MP can be made in the height and combination that you need -- i.e. with or without a copper cricket, with or without a copper hood. Choose the cheek piece, then use the options in the drop menu to make a selection of the MP and angle. We get many calls asking for bits / MP by name so we have also grouped them by the type of MP to facilitate / expedite your search for the suitable bit or mouthpiece.

To search for a particular mouthpiece in the SEARCH box a the top right corner of the screen, type the word "mouthpiece" followed by the MP number WITHOUT a space in between. For example: "mouthpiece11".
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